Why do you feel guilty without being a thief?

Why do you feel guilty without being a thief?

There is an old saying: “Don’t do bad things, don’t be afraid of ghosts knocking on the door.”

However, people who don’t “thief” sometimes feel guilty.

  Someone lost his mobile phone in the office. This was not a matter of Lao Zheng, but when colleagues were discussing this matter, he felt that everyone was talking about himself, as if he had stolen the mobile phone, his face was red and red, and it was hot.There was a cold sweat in it.

Such performance was naturally noticed by sensitive colleagues and began to shift the focus of doubt to him.

In this way, Lao Zheng was even more open-mouthed, and wanted to die and be pure.

  Although extreme panic situations like Lao Zheng are rare, in a similar situation, people’s anxiety and guilty conscience are more or less a little bit.

The reason can be explained by a classic psychological experiment.

After the 1991 shooting of Chinese student Lu Gang on campus, an intercultural psychology study compared the evaluations made by Chinese and Americans.

The results found that: Chinese people prefer to attribute the results to the environment, and they are more targeted to their studies, living pressure and loneliness, and eventually emotional breakdown and killing; Americans tend to attribute things to individuals, causingObviously serious personality defects, murder is an inevitable result.

  This reveals a general law: most Chinese people evaluate themselves in accordance with external evaluation standards, and over time, even internalize external standards to their own standards.

In this way, when suffering, or just being doubted or criticized by others, we may, habitually and involuntarily, recognize others’ doubts and criticisms, although it is very unfair.

Therefore, there is no ghost in your heart, but it is difficult to be calm in your heart.

  So, how should we face such problems?

First of all, “Gentleman Travel” said: “Guatian is not satisfied, Li won’t make the crown.

“It’s wisest to try to avoid situations that may cause suspicion.

Basically, over-reliance on and obedience to the environment will cause us to have no stance in social communication, have a major opinion, and may even cause obstacles to social communication.

Therefore, although it is necessary to conform to the social culture of the country, it does not prevent learning from learning Westerners, bravely adhere to the way they believe, and maintain their dignity.