Ten secrets in men’s hearts that are most interesting

Ten secrets in men’s hearts that are most interesting

In people’s minds, men seem to be more sane and stronger than women, but scientific research has found that this is not the case.

An article published on the American “Life Science” website tells women 10 interesting secrets about men’s brains.

  1. Emotion is richer Through research on infants, Swedish scientists have found that boys have stronger emotional responses than girls.

The reason people think that men are not very emotional is because of the influence of ideas, men have been self-righteous since childhood, thus hiding their emotions.

  2, more afraid of loneliness Although loneliness has an impact on everyone’s brain, scientists at the University of California, San Francisco have found that older men are most afraid of loneliness.

When lonely, men are more likely to ask for help than women. Longer loneliness will hurt the brain.

Marriage can effectively relieve men’s anxiety, and men with happy marriages can extend their lives.

  3, men are more eager to get married. The traditional concept is that women long for a stable life, while men prefer a life of freedom.

This evidence may be completely wrong.

American scientists have discovered that loyalty may be genetically determined.

Sixty percent of men have an urgent desire to marry, especially after the age of 30, and the main advantages are divided into families.

  4. The prospective father most cooperates with men in the first few months of fatherhood, and the sense of cooperation has reached the best state.

The strong “pregnancy” emanating from the expectant mother’s body should allow the father to experience hormonal changes, and the boots should be prepared for his father’s behavior.

  5. Father is the best playmate. Father playing with children can help children learn better, increase self-confidence and adapt to society.

In addition, more contact between the father and the child will reduce the risk of the child’s danger.

  6. Favoring hierarchy When men are in a volatile organizational system, men feel very upset.

Environments similar to the military or other levels can reduce male testosterone levels and reduce aggressive behavior.

  7, the older the more cooperative spirit Men need to obtain and compete with their spouse through competition when they are young, and pay more attention to intimacy and cooperation after maturity.

Scientists say that the level of acetic acid hormones affects men’s spirit of cooperation. As people age, the secretion of acetic acid hormones decreases, and men will become better and better in teamwork.

  8, stronger defense In the evolution process, male animals have a stronger sense of “defending vested interests” than female animals.

Although women have possessiveness, when men’s love life or sphere of influence is threatened, they are more likely to resort to violence.

  9. The blood testosterone level in men’s blood is naturally six times that of women, which may explain why men look at women based on “automatic navigation.”

And once the beauty is out of sight, men usually forget them all.

  10. Focus more on problem solving. When other people encounter problems, men will also express sympathy, but they wo n’t just know sympathy like women, because men ‘s brains have a “quick fix” area, which will be active immediately and actively seek solutionsThe problem approach.

And women deserve more emotional support.