29 tips for life extension

29 tips for life extension

29 Tips for Life Extension1.

Stretch your legs to lubricate high blood pressure. If you sit in the office all day, your knee joints will lack a “syringe” called synovial fluid, which can cause pain.

Sitting in a chair, straighten your legs, lift your heels off the ground, tighten your quadriceps tightly, and relax after 2 seconds. Repeat this 5 times to lubricate the knee joint.


Smell apples to ease anxiety Studies have shown that the taste of green apples can help eliminate anxiety.

Another study found that smelling apples can also relieve headaches from complications.

Researchers believe that this may be because the smell of apples can make people’s head muscles easier.


Drink coffee to reduce stress When you drink coffee, add cinnamon (cinnamon). Cinnamon is a spice inserted with antioxidants. Studies have found that it can lower blood pressure and reduce stress.


Drying your teeth before squeezing toothpaste Drying your teeth before squeezing toothpaste can reduce gum bleeding.

Before using toothpaste, brush your teeth dry for 30 seconds. This will remove 60% of the stains and reduce the chance of bleeding gums by half.

Make sure the bristles are dry and soft.

After dry brushing, rinse with water and then apply toothpaste to brush your teeth.


Exercise listening with music First, tune the music to a suitable volume (at this volume you can still have a normal conversation); then, try to pick out the sound of one of the instruments.

This exercise gives you the ability to distinguish the details of everyday sounds.


Eating mints during exercise contains a mint during exercise, making it easier to stick.

Studies have found that the smell of mint can change people’s sensitive perception of exercise duration, so that you will not feel difficult to persist when you extend your exercise.


Wash your nails when washing your hands to remove hidden bacteria.

One of the places with the most bacteria on the human body is the nail seam, so every time you wash your hands, wash the nail seam with soap to remove hidden bacteria.


Stand at the corner and stretch your shoulders. If you need to sit and work in front of your computer for a long time, please stand up and walk to the corner of the office to do stretching exercises.

Raise your hands parallel to the tibia, with your elbows and forearms against the two corners of the wall, and tilt at the same time to relax the shoulder and hip muscles for 15


Get up early to learn the “cat style”. Relax your limbs to touch the bed surface, arching towards the ceiling, just like a frightened cat; adjust the posture after 10 seconds, press the arms and thighs vertically on the bed surface, and press down on the navel position as close as possible.

Spend 30-60 seconds alternately every morning to improve blood circulation and relax the body.


Eating multivitamins to prolong life requires supplementing insufficient vitamins and minerals in the diet. Eating multivitamins is a quicker way.

Make sure you consume 400 international units of vitamin D per day, as an internal medical report states that this dose of vitamin D can reduce your chance of premature death by 7%.


Listen to soothing music to adjust your heart rate Some soothing music can play a role in regulating your heart rate.

Under normal conditions, try to keep your heart rate at 60 beats per minute.


Eat slowly and eat less. When eating slowly, you usually eat less.

You can use the tableware with an uncommon hand (such as a right-handed person with a left-handed one) to control the speed of eating.
You can also use small plates to control your appetite.

One study showed that when people serve buffets on large plates, they subconsciously try more.

When you drink red wine, the side dishes are similar to cauliflower, a relatively crisp vegetable that can take away the red wine left in your mouth, so that your teeth become whiter and brighter.


Homemade ice packs for pain relief can relieve painful muscles and fractures, and toe displacement.

Mix 1/2 cup of water and 1/2 cup of alcohol into a closed bag and freeze in the refrigerator for 2 hours to turn into soft slush instead of freezing into ice cubes.

A study praising lover’s marriage happiness proves that an unhappy marriage increases your chance of getting sick by 35%, which reduces your life expectancy by 4 years.

An easy way to make your marriage happier is to praise your lover often.

A study by the National Center for Health Statistics found that 74% of happy couples reported that their lover had pleased them and tried to make them happy.


The Japanese Health Food Research Association, which cuts food into thin slices and reduces excessive intake, found that after cutting vegetables, it looks 27% larger than the same amount of uncut vegetables.

Therefore, when you want to control the amount of food, you can cut the food into small slices to mislead your senses and make you think you have eaten enough. It is easy to reduce the replacement.


Rub your hands and cover your eyes to relieve fatigue. Rub your hands into fever and place them on your eyes.

Gently pressing and high temperature can relax your eyes and relieve eye fatigue.

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Nozzle with Vaseline on your nostrils. Inhale soot. If you work in a dusty or smog-contaminated area, apply some Vaseline in your nostrils. This will prevent you from inhaling too many harmful particles.


Use tea bag to help treat oral ulcers. Applying a wet tea bag to the surface of the ulcer can help heal wounds because the tannin in tea can penetrate the role of a shrinking agent.


Hug relaxation to relieve cold hands When you feel your fingers are cold, or even numb, please hug a pair. This action allows blood to flow into the fingers and warms your hands.

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Chew more to lose weight. If you have the habit of drinking apple juice, you might as well switch to eating apples.

A study by the International Obesity Organization found that, compared to drinking fruit juice, eating fruit can reduce your daily transfer by 20%.

Researchers have also found that chewing can start you to secrete more hormones, make the fruit stay longer in the digestive tract, and feel full.

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Often eat vinegar to prevent blood sugar increase, put more vinegar when cooking, will slow down the rate of glycemic rise.

Because acetic acid can work with enzymes to break down acetic acid.

twenty three.

Adjust the rearview mirror to prevent back pain while driving. Replace your rearview mirror and tilt it up a bit. This will allow you to sit more straight and prevent downward pain caused by twisting.

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Adding lemon to tea has greatly increased the effectiveness. Putting a slice of lemon in the tea can make the antioxidants in tea have 20% more effectiveness than usual.


Flowers at the table promote happiness. People often feel better when they see roses, tulips, daisies and other flowers on the table.

A Harvard study indicates that when people get up early and see flowers at the table, they will feel full of happiness.


Get up early and read jokes to improve immunity. You can read a joke in the morning and make yourself laugh, because research has found that laughter can enhance immunity and prevent colds.

Drinking milk helps quit smoking A survey by Duke University in the United States found that milk can make cigarettes taste worse.

So, drink milk before you want to smoke, this will reduce your interest in smoking.


Check your skin for anti-melanoma. In addition to appearing on bare skin, melanoma can also appear in areas where sunlight is not common, such as the feet.

There are three places where melanoma is most common on the feet: the soles of the feet, between the toes, and under or around the toes.

Take off your socks and look at the skin on your feet.

Pay attention to those acne spots that grow out, are asymmetric in shape, and vary in size, thickness, and thickness.

This check is best done monthly.


Putting on socks to help you fall asleep Swiss researchers have found that when someone feels their hands and feet warm, they fall asleep more easily.

Because warm hands and feet can dilate blood vessels, let the transformation radiate from other parts of the body, and the body becomes cold, and you will be sleepy and recover.

When you want to sleep but can’t sleep, don’t count sheep and dumplings, put on a pair of loose socks, this can make you fall asleep twice as fast.