[How to make soy milk is fragrant and concentrated]_How to do_How to do

[How to make soy milk is fragrant and concentrated]_How to do_How to do

Soymilk is one of the most traditional breakfasts in China. Most people often choose fried dough sticks and soymilk for breakfast. They are delicious and nutritious. If you want to make soymilk yourself, you should also pay attention to some practices. First, you should choose the best.Materials, plus a more suitable blender to make soy milk, so that the soy milk is fragrant and concentrated, the following will give you a detailed introduction.

1. Prepare the soymilk, soybeans, soymilk machine, measuring cup (soybean milk machine comes with), small basin, you must clean the soymilk machine before using the soymilk machine, otherwise the dust inside will be cooked in the soymilkAlready.

2. Take a whole cup of soybeans for the supplementary body cup. Do not repeat this amount, otherwise the soy milk will not taste good.

Then pour the soybeans in a small pot, wash it out, and soak the soybeans with water. The amount of water must exceed the position of the soybeans. Soak for 6-10 hours. This can be determined by the situation.Make soy milk.

3. After 10 hours, the soybeans will be full. After that, we’d better wash the soybeans and pour them into the soymilk maker. Then pour fresh water into the soymilk maker (warm or cold water can be used)., Close the cover.

The water should be between the two tick marks on the soymilk, not below the tick mark below, or higher than the tick mark above.

The earliest soymilk taste was better.

4, then you can cook soy milk, plug in the power cord, select the wet bean button, and then press start, the soybean milk machine will start to operate.

At the beginning, we will hear a “bang” sound, which means that the machine is grinding soybeans, and it usually cooks in 20 minutes. There will be intermittent sounds during this period. Don’t be afraid, this is the machine working.

5. After the soy milk is cooked, the soy milk may make a gurgling sound. At this time, we unplug the power cord and we can pour the soy milk.

Some soymilk machines do not have an automatic filter, soymilk and soybean residue are mixed together. At this time, we can use the filter that comes with the soymilk machine to filter by ourselves.

When you pour the soy milk into the cup, you can separate the soy milk from the soybean dregs through a strainer. A fragrant glass of soy milk will do just that.

6, Tip 1: Generally grind soymilk at home, soak in high-quality soybeans, then use a soymilk machine to grind and drink directly. This is ordinary soymilk, which is usually made in the breakfast shop or in the famous brand.Slightly indifferent.

The key step in making sweet and strong soy milk is to add 1/2 of glutinous rice.

1/3 measuring cup of glutinous rice, washed and added to the soymilk with soaked soybeans, so that you can drink more sweet and thick soymilk than ordinary soymilk.

Tip two: After the beans are soaked, the water has not been drained, turn off the heat when boiling, and use cold water to rinse the soybean milk machine.

The boiled beans no longer have a fishy smell, but are thick and fragrant.

Tip three: Choose a larger proportion of soybeans, and remind them to grind twice, that is, once again after finishing (the second time, if the machine does not start, it becomes a temperature sensor to cool in the air), so that the bean dregs are finer and pulpMore, the cooking time is further, you can make soy milk with soy skin.

Tip 4: When making soy milk, add 10% peanuts together. This peanut is divided into two halves, half of which is raw, and the other half should be cooked half-cooked.