Towels are best for three men and four women

Towels are best for three men and four women

China encourages consumers to use three towels for men and four for personal use.


hzh{display:none;}  毛巾是人们每天都要使用的东西,也许是太过平常的缘故,大家对毛巾的使用、挑选、放置等方面都显得过于随意,殊不知,如果不正确使用毛巾,会Reduce your quality of life and even affect your health.

  The use of towels in science pay attention to four points. The latest scientific experiments prove that coins, bed textiles, and towels are the three major indirect media for disease transmission.

Yu Ling, deputy chief physician of the Department of Dermatology, Beijing Tongren Hospital, introduced that the incorrect use of towels will damage the skin, and the bacteria on the towels may cause cross infection. He believes that the bad methods of towels are mainly reflected in the following aspects:Many people.

A family share a towel, because each person’s health status and living habits are different, cross infection is very likely to occur.

  The second is multipurpose.

Although some families have special towels for each person, they wash their faces, wash their hair, bathe, wash their feet, wipe their sweat, and wipe their hands.

  The third is not to break, not to change, reuse.

Towels that have expired will become hard and dirty, becoming a new source of pollution.

  Fourth, do not know the hygiene of towels.

Many consumers do not wash, cook or dry the towels.

And hang the wet towel in an unventilated bathroom for a long time. It is unknown that bacteria and viruses survive in the wet towel for a longer period of time and multiply into a geometric number.

  The fifth is to see through the dangers of counterfeit products.

Many low-priced towels are made from waste, used, fake materials and inferior dyeing materials.

The towel professional committee of the China Textile Association must be selected by the chief of soldiers. These fake and shoddy towels are marked with 100% cotton, which actually replaces a considerable proportion of chemical fibers.

  The price of this type of low-quality ordinary chemical fiber is lower than cotton yarn, but it is impermeable to air, poor in moisture absorption and dehydration, easy to fluff and pilling, washing it with your face will irritate the skin; cleaning furniture and other items will not wipe clean, there will be water on the surfaceStains remain.

What’s more serious is that some manufacturers also use some supplemental dyestuffs, which contain carcinogens of aniline.