Easy to make small improvements to keep fresh for marriage

Easy to make small improvements to keep fresh for marriage

In the eyes of Westerners, 7 is a very auspicious number.

Tens of thousands of couples entered the marriage hall on July 7, 2007.

Because they believe that this will bless their love and marriage forever.

However, luck alone is not enough.

Apart from the clichés of giving flowers to his wife and making a delicious dinner for her husband, to ensure a happy marriage, are there any other suggestions you can refer to?

Catherine, a sexologist, columnist and Los Angeles Times?

Dohney called some methods.

  Get rid of 7 bad habits and develop 7 good habits.

Bad habits include criticism, accusation, refusal, slander, threats, punishment and bribery.

Good habits cover support, encouragement, listening, tolerance, trust, respect, and seeking common ground while shelving differences.

It’s not difficult to understand these habits, but to do that, it takes a lot of determination and effort.

  take care of yourself.

This suggestion is short but sweet.

When your body and mind are at their best, people become more forgiving and relaxed.

In this way, there is even a conflict with your lover, and you will not be attentive, and you will not quarrel.

  ”Sex friendship” tell your partner.

Married people conceal their interactions with friends of the opposite sex, and in many cases are tantamount to playing with fire.

Born with fear and good at misunderstanding love.

Disclosing your personal relationships will not only make your partner feel trusted, but it will also eliminate the “soil” that may cause misunderstanding.

  The wife should not place excessive demands on her husband; the husband should not ignore his wife’s feelings.

Women want to be loved, listened to and cared for in marriage.

The man simply said, “There is something to eat, and there is a wife to see!

“This fully reflects the huge difference in marriage expectations between the two parties.

Therefore, women should lower their expectations and do not expect to be romantic every day.

The husband has to share more household chores and regard his wife as the biggest customer. If she runs away, the business is complete.