Weight loss method, housework and fitness

Weight loss method, housework and fitness

Washing clothes, shopping for food, cleaning the floor, caressing the flowers, etc. These small chores are simple to say and very tiring to do, but please don’t ignore the effects of these small actions on your body muscles.

  It is reported that the housework weight loss exercise originates from a professional “self-weight weight loss method”. This set of weight loss methods is a freehand exercise created by a fitness institution in the United States. The basis is to naturally load your weight and achieve weight loss while fighting the loadpurpose.

  The best time for housework exercise: 1-2 hours after a meal, physical exercise is the easiest.

For example, 9:00 am, 15:00 pm, and 21:00 pm.

Especially after dinner, after doing housework, you can take a hot bath to relax your muscles.

  Action description: When washing dishes, don’t bend over, order yourself to squat as if sitting on an air bench.

Keep your upper body upright and bend your knees slightly. The deeper your knees bend, the higher your thighs will be.

  Key points: Keep your chest tight to prevent a load on your waist. Take a break every 3-5 minutes.

  Normal housework consumes 80 calories in half an hour, and sports housework consumes 200 calories in half an hour.


Instructions for watching TV action: Enter advertising time again, then we will cross our straight legs, support our arms and bend our elbows lightly, the deeper our elbows will bend, the load we will bear.

  Key points: Grasp your own tolerance2.

Description of hair blowing action: When using a hair dryer to shape the hair, separate your feet forward and backward, and lift your heels off the ground.

  Key points: keep balance 3.

Washing action instructions: face the sink on the side of the body, twist the waist to tilt the body slightly toward the sink, this exercise can be exercised to the abdominal muscles, back, lateral abdomen.

  Important: Take care to prevent slipping.


Instructions for wiping the floor: Lie on the floor with both hands, hold the rag straight, and drag the rag upward with your back arched.

This action is similar to push-ups, which can be performed up and down, beautifying the back and upper arm muscles.

  Important: Don’t stretch your hand forward too much, otherwise the burden on the shoulder joint will be too heavy.


Vacuum cleaner vacuuming description: When using a vacuum cleaner, bending over the back of the bow will increase the burden on the waist.

Taking a step forward with your feet can avoid bending over the back of the bow. When recovering, use the pedals to hold the body of the vacuum cleaner and do tilting movements back and forth.

  Important: The upper body should be perpendicular to the ground.


Instructions for drying clothes: Put the clothes basket on the ground, back to the clothes pole, bend the waist and elbow joints to get clothes on, twist the body in place, and dry the clothes, swapping left and right.

It is also possible to lean back slightly when twisting, increasing exercise load.

  Important: Straighten your waist when bending over.